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Sunday Mornings @ 10:30 AM
Emory Home
148 Chatfield Circle
Goose Creek, SC 29445
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Currently Hub Church meets in a home. Maybe that isn't your thing, yet! Or maybe you are not in Goose Creek. Here are some great churches around us!

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About Us

The mission of Hub Church is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Here are our Core Beliefs and Our Plans to love our city.

our beliefs

our plans


We believe God desires a dynamic relationship with everyone he has created. We also believe that we can grow stronger when we are connected with others who know God. That is the purpose of the Church, to connect people to God, and we believe that this happens best when it’s done in a community of people who build connections with each other.


We are committed to the care of our city, and we believe we are called to help those in need (Jesus said that more than once). Whether the need is physical, emotional or spiritual we believe that Jesus told us that people will know God by the actions of his people. We believe that this can happen by making the communities where we live our responsibility to love and serve.


Being discipled is defined as becoming both a learner about and follower of Jesus. We believe discipling is a core tenant of the Christian faith and that it happens best when people follow an example of others who are living their lives seeking to know their Heavenly Father better. We also believe that the best place for life change to occur is not in rows on Sunday but in circles of people throughout the week who will walk with each other through the questions of life.

Community Centers

Our first goal is to begin Community Centers around the city that are made of people turning their homes into gathering places for the community. Groups around the city will grow together, serve together and live life together. Game nights, community parties and Bible studies are examples of ways that these groups will love their neighborhoods

Serve the City

We know that serving others by meeting their physical and emotional needs gives us the ability to show the love of God especially to those that may be far from him. Serve the City – Goose Creek will be our ministry that will provide for the physical and emotional needs of our city which will open the door for us to meet their spiritual needs.

Table Groups

Our calling, as believers, is to be disciple makers. We follow the model that Jesus used of taking smaller 2-3 member groups and learning together what life means as a believer in Jesus. We will start gender specific Table Groups where a mature believer will lead new and /or not-yet believers into discovering the life of a growing follower of Jesus.

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Meet our Team

Sid Emory
Lead Pastor
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Allisha Padilla
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Justine Green
Director of Family Ministries
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Jason Green
Connections Pastor
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Churches in Our Area

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